Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life Is Just Too Short

Life is just too short to take seriously my friend.
If all we are allotted is only three score and ten.
We can but blink our eyes and barely turn around.
Then it is over and we are planted six foot down.
Alas, our time on this Earth seems way to short.
A journey just begins and they they shout" Abort".

Now Adam really had it made, he was set up for life.
Then he screwed things up when he listened to his wife.
Eve did not have a clue to the trouble she would make.
All she ever did was to take a red apple from a snake.
Now the Lord got mad, He was chapped they say.
It was not only the mess, the banana peels and such.
But then they started lying ,well that was just too much.

The Lord took them by the hand, led them to the door.
Told Adam " Hit the road Jack and don't come back no more."
Old Adam on his best day, was not the smartest man in sight.
But at least the Lord God gave him 938 years to get it right.
Down through many generation men have come and gone.
Some have lived over 800 years, just where did we go wrong.

Now you take the tale of Noah, wasn't he quite the man.
He lived 950 years, my is not that a most proper life span.
Noah was only 500 years when he begin to build his boat.
He waited for the rain to come just to see if it would float.
He gathered up his family took them on a nice long ride.
Then he packed the ship with critters and floated on the tide.

Now a cruise like that ain't cheap, so it is kind of funny,
That the Bible never tells just where he got the money.
In 500 years of living you can squirrel a buck away.
Noah gives new meaning to " Saving for a Rainy Day".

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