Thursday, August 6, 2009

Make God & books your best friends.

I have always believed that making God and books your best friends
always helps. Because whenever I feel alone I start reading anything
on which I can lay my hands on. And when I need help I can always rely
on God rather than relying on someone and get disappointed later on. I
don't say that there is nothing like true friendship between humans or
that I don't need friends. But one thing is sure, God and books would
never leave you, friends may !

Cool Quote

"This is a funny world where people make lemon juices with artificial
flavours and dishwash liquids with real lemon."

Height of dreaming ! ! !

Bill gates came to me and asked...
Boss, Tere pass Windows xp ki CD hogi kya..??

નાના હતા ત્યારે...

નાના હતા ત્યારે જલ્દી મોટા થવા માંગતા હતા પણ હવે સમજાયું કે અધૂરા સ્વપ્ના અને અધુરી લાગણીઓ કરતા અધૂરા Home work અને તૂટેલા રમકડા ઘણા સારા હતા.

The best msg ever

A Baby Fish Asked Her Mother Why Can't We Live On Earth?
Mother Fish Replied - Earth Is Not the Place for Fishes, Its Made for SelfFishes

Height Of breakup

A boy bought present 4 his girl friend.
Gf(after opening):What the hell I'll do with this Diwali Rockets???
Bf:U wanted the stars na..? Now sit on it & GET LOST!!

Things which make life more memorable?

* Powercut on the night before exam

* Enjoyng a boring movie with friends

* Dancing in the shower on a hot day

* Caught by traffic policeman when you don't have license

* Nil balance in your phone when your beloved gives you a miss call

* Finding money in your old jeans when you need it badly

And finally

* A long walk with your friend on a lonely road.

* Life is always beautiful.Forget all worries & Live for this moment forever.

Wo kaagaz ki kashti wo baarish ka paani.

Ye daulat bhi le lo,
Ye shohrat bhi le lo,
Bhale chheen lo mujhse meri jawaani,
Magar mujhko lautaa do bachchanpan ka saawan,
Wo kaagaz ki kashti wo baarish ka paani.

So touching gazal. I remember my childhood days.